MacReid iOS apps for surveyors and engineers.
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civil engineering and surveying software for iPhone and iPad

MacReid iOS apps for surveyors and engineers.

Welcome to MacReid Software!

Software for Civil Engineers and Surveyors

MacReid Software was formed in 2013 to make life easier for engineers and surveyors out in the field, by making simple to use apps for the Apple iPhone and iPad for everyday tasks.

By automating some of the regular calculations you have to do, Whole Circle Bearing or Co-ordinates from a Known Point, for example, we have tried to improve the quality of life in the field for engineers and surveyors alike!

Have a look at our products page, to see what calculations we have developed so far, but these will be added to on a regular basis so check back to see the latest apps from MacReid Software on the Apple App Store.

As well as making the apps available individually, we will be putting together the whole suite of apps in one package.

NOW AVAILABLE on the Apple App Store

CivSurv App Pro is our collection of 20 apps that cover most of the essential tasks that the modern engineer or surveyor undertakes on a daily basis.

AVAILABLE NOW for £19.99!

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